Made of equestrian passion and emotion

Stars in their eyes

Our family spent a weekend in London during the Christmas holidays. We went with the kids to Regent Street, to the famous Hamleys Toy Store.

No sooner had we walked through the front door than I saw stars sparkle in my children’s eyes. The place was brimming with entertainment and all kinds of demonstrations: drones above our heads, make-up sessions, light plays, etc. My wife and I turned into children again. We stopped at each section, filled with a rush of emotions.

I think it was that day that the design for the H-equestrianpassion.com home page unconsciously formed in my mind, with its square-style architecture, each containing a news story. Photos, videos, editorials and portfolios; the entire content on one level.
When the agency that helped me do this wonderful job inserted the images and videos into the squares, I once again became a child, eager to discover the content hidden behind each square.

Being a trained photographer, it seemed obvious to me to convey a message through an image. Our objective with H’s digital platform is to succeed in transposing the fundamental core of H’s paper version on canvas, in order to transport you to a world of dreams, on a journey punctuated by exceptional photographs while taking a fresh look at a burgeoning world filled with passion and emotion.

I hope you all enjoy the paper version of H and invite you to continue the experience on

Patrick Bika, Founder of H

To keep the emotion,
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